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Week 11 & 12 (ish...) Outliers

This week(s), I'm going to look at just a few players on each team and how they're helping. It might be a forward, a defenseman, a goalie...heck, it might even be a GM! ...Ok, you can stop laughing now. 

Whitehorse Huskies
Previous: 1 Trend: --
The top 5 rankings are virtually untouched from the Heist. Outliers for the Huskies? Well number one, I gotta give it to Don (, the Huskies). It was such a crazy move trading Carey Price...but he netted an awesome return, is 6-2-2 in his last 10 and has the league's top goal differential. Not. Too. Shabby. What kiss of death? You've also gotta point to Mark Stone for a huge season - 28 points, only 14 PIMs but the really impressive feat is Stone's timing; FOUR game tying goals and SIX game winning goals. This guy scores when it counts.
Vancouver Island Norsemen
Previous: 3 Trend: up 1
When Quick went down, Matt was worried. When Joonas Korpisalo (who?) and 76 OV goalie (WHAT!?!!?) went 8-2-3 with a 0.926 save percentage and a GAA of 1.58, Matt was no longer worried. There's your outlier right there. I'm also liking Hampus Lindholm on defense, with 20 points, only 14 PIMs and a team (almost) leading plus 16.
Ottawa Slammers
Previous: 2 Trend: down 1
Pat made a HUGE move this year, acquiring Joe Thornton before losing him to injury. Pat himself, also, an outlier. Consistently good, never bad, and knows when to strike. Like when an iron is hot, ie, right now for the Slammers. Erik Karlsson would be too obvious and outlier, but I'm loving the Slammers depth - 15 players with 10 or more points. Unreal.
Las Vegas Aces
Previous: 4 Trend: --
Unfortunately for the entire World Conference, the Aces are Boiling Lava Hot. Henry's hot take on this? The Aces easily could be number 1 in the power rankings this week. Malkin is crushing it - team high plus 17, only 4 PIMs (so the exact opposite of goon Malkin in real life) and 26 points. Former Gladiator Mike Smith is sporting a minuscule 1.88 GAA and 0.924 save percentage. You're off the case, Bobrovsky!
Philadelphia Fire Ants
Previous: 5 Trend: --
Norm really isn't going away this year. I don't think he's been outside of the top 5 once this year. But, Norm will tell you, never forget Rule of Acquisition number 88 - It ain't over 'til it's over. Too true. As for an outlier, I'm loving Carl Soderberg and I'm sure Norm is too; he's got 33 points, only TWO PIMs, plus 8, 2 power play goals, 2 game tying goals and 3 game winning goals. Yowza. Not to be outdone, Kyle Okposo has 30 points, 9 PIms, plus 6, but 5 power play and game winning goals.
London Monarchs
Previous: 12 Trend: up 6
Sure, you've got Ovechkin doing his Ovechkin thing - 15 goals, minus 2, SEVEN game winning goals, but the real outlier to me is Robin Lehner - a GAA of 1.75 and a save percentage of 0.920 is what's keeping London competitive on a nightly basis. Well him and some other scrubs named Josi, Duchene, Ovechkin...
Calgary Mustangs
Previous: 13 Trend: up 6
Not an outlier for good reasons, I just think it's hilarious Phaneuf is one of only a handful of minus players on the Mustangs and he has 71 PIMs and is -17. Now for some positive outliers! Zetterberg is providing some awesome veteran presence, with 22 points, 12 Pims, a plus 10, 3 power play goals and 2 game winning goals. Not bad!
Boston Colonials
Previous: 14 Trend: up 6
Boston has rocketed up the standings with an 8-2 in their last 10 games, a crazy high goal differential and some true outliers. Look no further than Nathan MacKinnon - 17 goals and 42 points in 45 games (only a few points back of McDavid for the league lead!). Only 4 PIMs, a plus 25 and SIX game winning goals. Holy mackinaw, there's your MVP right there.
Havana Revolution
Previous: 7 Trend: down 2
I keep ignoring the fact that my ultimate SICHL rival will have McDavid for the next 15 or so years and I can't ignore it for long. He's top of the league for points, has only 6 PIms, a plus 14, 3 power play goals, 4 game winning goals and an astonishing average of 4 shots per game. An Outliers of the NHL book would have him on the front cover. AND HE'S ONLY TWENTY YEARS OLD.
Québec Canons
Previous: 6 Trend: down 4
Going a bit down on the charts here, but I'm loving Mikael Granlund for the Canons. 8 goals isn't a lot, true, but 5 are game winners. He's a plus 5 and only has 8 PIms on the season. Good depth wins championships and Granlund will be a key piece for the Canons on their 2nd half journey.
Acadia Golden Bears
Previous: 8 Trend: down 3
You think Pat's 15 players with 10 or more points was impressive? How about 13 players with 15 or more points? Guy is an Outlier, no doubt. He's got depth for years and even in a "bad" season, still has one of the best goal differentials in the league. Once Holtby starts playing like Holtby, watch out.
Reykjavik Riders
Previous: 10 Trend: down 2
I'll bet Sylvain wishes he had Budaj for more than 1 year! Riders continue to be a thorn in my side, winning more than they lose. What's up with that? And what's up with Derek Stepan, my Outlier choice for the Riders - 32 points, 12 Pims, plus 7, 2 power play goals and SIX game winning goals. He's shooting a team best 14.6%.
Stockholm Cougars
Previous: 17 Trend: up 4
After a rocky start, the Cougars are on the right path, going 6-2-2 in their last 10. Who is to blame? Wellsir, I like Patrick Marleau. And who doesn't? 39 points (!) including a team high 17 goals, only taken 7 minor penalties in 44 games, is a plus 6 and has 3 game winning goals. If only all of the Cougars could be more like Marleau!
Hamburg Gladiators
Previous: 15 Trend: up 1
Easy. My entire fourth line of Tlusty, Gaustad and Derek MacKenzie. Defensively responsible and don't take that many PIMs (except Gaustad, he's a goon). Tlusty better enjoy it while it lasts in the SICHL cuz after this year, he's OUTTA HERE.
Nova Scotia Schooners
Previous: 9 Trend: down 6
As the old lady would say in the IT Crowd commercial, "I've taken a bit of a tumble." The Schooners were red hot and now have cooled off, albeit against a really tough schedule. The Schooners are way too talented to dip any further in the rankings, but I like Fleury's performance so far this year - 1.94 GAA and a 0.918 save percentage. But with trade rumors swirling and many big names already going...with Eric join the fray?
Winnipeg Falcons
Previous: 22 Trend: up 6
Whoa, what the hell? Since when do the Falcons get to jump up 6 spots? Since they went 7-2-1 in their last 10. Henrik Lundqvist remembered he's Henrik Lundqvist and has a 2.07 GAA and a 0.922 save percentage. Nice work. I'd also like to point out that Ondrej Palat has 25 points, only 10 PIMs, is a plus 6, has 6 power play goals and 4 game winning goals. Double nice work.
Fredericton Express
Previous: 11 Trend: down 6
The Express have gone 5-4-1 and somehow drop SIX spots? What the hell, power rankings Guru? Ok, sorry about that Mark, you shouldn't be at spot 17 but for some reason, trying to rank some teams each week is like playing Jenga on the back of a drunk donkey. So consider you spot 17, plus or minus 6 spots or so. Kind of like team Outlier Jaromir Jagr, who has 27 points, only 6 PIms and is a plus 6. Wait a minute. The Express could be 6 spots higher. Jagr has 6 PIMs. A plus 6. Oh my know what that means...MARK IS DEVILISHLY HANDSOME!!! RUN EVERYBODY!!!
Vancouver Vipers
Previous: 23 Trend: up 5
Easiest choice on the entire list, Frans Nielsen is playing out of his mind. 45 points in 43 games is second only to some scrub named McDavid. ZERO penalty minutes. PLUS 14. Get this guy a team MVP award already, the Vipers are on the way up.
Brandon Wheat Kings
Previous: 16 Trend: down 3
Eh, don't count out the Wheat Kings just yet! They've got a few outliers that could help, including Doug himself. Snagging Enroth for a 5th round pick is looking pretty smart right about now, with Enroth going 15-7-9, with a GAA of 1.86 and a save percentage of 0.927. Dems numbers be envious!
St. Louis Spartans
Previous: 20 Trend: --
The Spartans are on the outside looking in, but the playoff race is a tight one in the World Conference. SEan will have to rely on team Outlier (and rookie!) Max Domi, with 26 points, 10 PIMs and a plus 4, to go along with his 2 game winning goals.
Dublin Shamrocks
Previous: 21 Trend: --
He stayed the same, but watch out - Ryan made a HUGE splash acquiring monster goalie Carey Price. How has he done so far? Well, 2.51 GAA and a 0.904 save percentage, but goalies always take a while to adjust to new systems. More Shamrocks should look at team Outlier Matt Read, who is the only one apparently not drinking Fight Milk, with a team low (ish) 6 PIms, a plus 3 and 27 points. Stay out of the box, boys!
Kansas City Krunch
Previous: 18 Trend: down 4
The Nu bge is clearly the team's top player - his 32 points a team high. Only 6 PIMs. A team high plus 8. 3 power play goals and 3 game winning goals. Once the goaltending situation settles, the Krunch will make their playoff push.
Edmonton Supersonics
Previous: 27 Trend: up 4
Looking at Mike's team, and I know I say this every week, but I refuse to believe reality. So, the Supersonics have gone 4-6 in what might be their best stretch of hockey in the season, therefore I'm jumping them 4 spots. Mike is the Outlier here, because if I had a league low 32 points with his roster, I'd be checking into an Asylum.
Toronto Titans
Previous: 26 Trend: up 2
Corey Crawford is doing all he can - 2.30 GAA and a 0.919 save percentage for a bottom dwelling team is pretty respectable. I also like Joe Colborne's team leading 10 goals and only 8 PIMs.
Brno Barons
Previous: 19 Trend: down 6
Brno is going through a rough patch, and don't we all at some point? Thankfully, there are players like Mikkel Boedker, who has 30 points and 4 PIMs. With this lineup, you gotta think the Barons are primed for a turnaround - Bergeron, STeen, Bobby Ryan, Patrick Sharp...this is a team of names...or a seller at the deadline perhaps?
Montréal Millionaires
Previous: 28 Trend: up 2
I'm going to throw some love Yakupov's way - 16 points, only 8 PIms, and..uh...only minus 4. I'm happy for him! And Kasim! (except when the Millionaires beat me, then I'm not happy at all)
Denver Rapids
Previous: 25 Trend: down 2
Denver's best player is GM Sam. He's in the basement now, but won't be for long. Some of the youth he has is just ridiculous. Just think of what Rielly, Seth Jones and Jack Eichel's re-rates are going to be next year...
Chicago Tigers
Previous: 24 Trend: down 4
It's a little crowded at the bottom, so Sheetal gets a turn at being number 28. I'm going to give Matthew Greene the Outlier status - he's the only positive player on the Tigers and has 20 points to boot.


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