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Continental Cup

The Continental Cup is the championship trophy awarded annually to the Supreme Inter-Continental Hockey League playoff winner.

The trophy itself was designed in 1999 by Québec-based designer Elise Durand, and uses Kinetica™ technology to perpetually rotate the SICHL shield around a globe sphere.

Acadia Golden Bears 2015-2016 Winner
The Acadia Golden Bears captured their record fourth league championship after an exciting 4-game sweep over the World Conference champion Las Vegas Aces. The Bears never trailed at any point of any game in the series and clinched their second consecutive league title away from home with a 3-2 win.

Past Winners

2015-2016Acadia Golden BearsLas Vegas Aces
2014-2015Acadia Golden BearsHamburg Gladiators
2013-2014Winnipeg FalconsLas Vegas Aces
2012-2013Fredericton ExpressHamburg Gladiators
2011-2012Acadia Golden BearsPhiladelphia Fire Ants
2010-2011Philadelphia Fire AntsEdmonton Supersonics
2009-2010Winnipeg JetsOslo Vikings
2008-2009Edmonton SupersonicsLas Vegas Aces
2007-2008Ottawa SlammersMiami Makos
2006-2007Acadia Golden BearsMoskva Reds
2005-2006New York AmericansNova Scotia Schooners
2004-2005Kansas City KrunchCalgary Kodiaks
2003-2004Calgary KodiaksKansas City Krunch
2002-2003Calgary KodiaksKansas City Krunch
2001-2002Halifax BluesPhiladelphia Fire Ants
2001Edmonton SupersonicsChicago Cardinals
2000Edmonton SupersonicsSpringfield United
1999-2000Vancouver Ruff RyderzKansas City Krunch
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